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  • What are belly beads used for?
    The origins of belly beads, also known as waist beads, comes from Africa. Women may wear them to signify to their husbands that they are feeling frisky and are ready to enjoy them. They would tie little bells on them to get their attention. Also, they can be worn for weight monitoring and spiritual reasons adorned with crystals and charms. They can also be worn as a simple accessory. Belly beads today in American are most commonly worn for the purposes of both weight monitoring and spirituality. Parents will sometimes even adorn their children with belly beads to help monitor their growth rate.
  • Where do belly beads originate?
    The origins of belly beads, also known as waist beads, come from Africa.
  • Are "belly beads" different than "waist beads"?"
    Technically there is no difference between belly beads and waist beads. The names are interchangeable.
  • What are Clasp Belly Beads?
    Our Clasp Belly Beads collection is designed for momentary wear meaning you wear them and then take them off at the end of the day. They are made with elastic cord and metal clasps, metal charms, and metal chains. Clasp Belly Beads are sometimes adorned with genuine crystal, and metal beads. These belly beads are great for accessorizing your outfits, wearing during meditation, and doing weight checks. Clasp Belly Beads may sometimes incorparte metals that may contain nickle. If you have an allergy to nickle, please shop from our Luxury Belly Beads collection as these are made with solid gold and/or silver. Please also shop from our Tie-on Belly Beads collections as these do not incorporate metals at all.
  • What is the Luxury Collection?
    The Luxury Collection includes belly beads, bracelets, necklaces and more that are made with real metals such as solid gold and/or silver. They also often incorporate genuine crystal. Any glass seed beads used are commonly a Czech bead or opaque bead. Some items in the Luxury Collection may include a clasp. All clasped luxury jewelry items are made with solid gold or silver clasps. Luxury belly beads and necklaces will include a solid gold or silver 2in. adjustment chain and jump rings, while anklets will often include a 1in. solid gold or silver adjustment chain.
  • Are belly beads safe to use around small children?
    Please handle with care and keep out of reach of children under the age of 4 years old.
  • How do you put on tie-on belly beads?
    Wrap the belly beads around the place where you want your beads to lay with both hanging ends of the bead strand facing in front of you. Then complete a very tight triple knot and tie the belly beads with a comfortable tightness around your waist. Carefully cut off the extra string and beads. The beads will often times quickly fall off the cut off portion of the string, so be ready to catch them. From here, you can either save your beads for your own personal use or toss them.
  • Are you offering belly dance classes?
    Currently we are not offering belly dance classes in person, but we will soon be providing online classes.
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