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Meet Zari'ah

Shonntrell Armstrong "Zari'ah Ahavah" began taking dance classes at the wee age of five where she practiced tap dance and ballet. Since 2012, Zari'ah took up the art of belly dance, and joined a local Wisconsin dance studio. That is when she realized her passion to teach belly dance.

In 2015, Zari'ah said goodbye to her local dance studio in Wisconsin and moved to Phoenix, AZ where she joined Setay Dance Studio. Zari'ah became a member of Motherland Jams Bellydance where she danced under the wonderful and very talented Abagail Dunn. Zari'ah was thrilled when given the opportunity to join Motherland Jams Bellydance as a teacher. Since April 2019, Zari'ah resides back in Wisconsin. She is so excited to offer classes through Zari'ah Belly Dance and Wellness.

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