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Fear or Freedom: Which path do you choose?

Updated: May 27, 2019

We are all on life's journey, but you never know what or who you'll encounter along the way and sometimes that can be intimidating. Now, with that being said....

Are we crossing paths here? I sure think so and I think it's going to be an AMAZING journey of health, healing, self-love and friendship ahead! I remember the feeling of jitters and nervousness overthinking if pursuing dance and wellness was a good choice for me. As crazy as that seems, yes, I was contemplating if living a healthier lifestyle was the best thing for me to do. I was thinking about aaaallll the "what ifs" and the failures that I may face, but honestly I was just allowing fears to bombard my mind. I wasn't allowing myself to be free and to actually feel free.

We are all free in reality, but a lot of times we tend to confine ourselves in our own minds thinking we're keeping ourselves away from hurt, discouragement and losses. In actuality, closing ourselves in is the most damaging thing we can sometimes do. We can get so caught up imagining matters that may never even come to pass, investing so much time, emotion and energy into things that don't even apply to our lives.

I say let's break that cycle and enjoy life to it's fullest! Let's allow ourselves to be free from mental prisons and live without fear. We are all beautiful, artful, and fierce beings with so much to offer this world, but most importantly, ourselves. Healing inward to outward is key to this freedom and we can start this journey together!

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